Continuing Professional Education Self-Study Courses


Continuing Professional Education Self-Study Courses

Matrix  provides online accounting  course , self-study continuing education courses for accountant . You can download all of our courses in PDF format, study at your leisure, take an online exam, and automatically receive a completion certificate by e-mail.

The table below lists the accounting  courses offered by Matrix consulting . To take one of these courses, click on the course title to see the details for the course. If you want to buy the course, click on the "Buy" option.

Course Title




PDF or Doc


Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio


Accounts Receivable Collection Period


Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio


Book Value per Share


Breakeven Point


Cash Coverage Ratio


Cash Ratio


Cash Reinvestment Ratio


Seminar Videos (4+ hours)

Two seminars on Bookkeeping Basics and Understanding Financial Statements. Together with videos you get access to PDF printouts of the videos and 50 questions exams to test your understanding.