Matrix Overview

At Matrix, we offer integrated technology solutions, which are at the cutting edge of the global business landscape. In optimizing processes and facilitating transactions, Matrix empowers its customers with the right systems to compete in business, with full force. Supported by decades of experience and in partnership with world’s principal technology brands, Matrix today is the leading solutions provider for key companies and governmental organizations, in a multitude of industries across the Sudan.



Matrix is rapidly growing into an institution which boasts a repertoire of the best minds in the field, capable of Integrating the most complex of technology systems. Our workforce assisted by a network of carefully selected distributers and business partners, dispersed across the country. Matrix experts are dedicated to providing customers with original, inventive solutions which answer their specific needs, propelling their business into a new era of productivity and efficiency.



Matrix’s portfolio of services spans a multitude of specialties including: hardware and software solutions, networking and security solutions, business recovery and operation support, integrated technology solutions and finally, professional services. Matrix’s signature major Enterprise Software Solutions has made it the choice information technology solution provider for many critical projects.